About Me


I watched my dad build his business.

The good. The bad. And the ugly. 


I witnessed things going well and I witnessed things falling apart.

As entrepreneurs we know some things are risky and other things happen that are completely out of our control. And unfortunately sometimes we get really bad advice.

Unfortunately for my dad, he got some really bad financial advice in the beginning of his business and had quite a few things happened as a result later down the road.

I went into accounting because I watched what my parents went through and I thought to myself - I want to help other business owners avoid that.

I started from the corporate side of things and then branched out on my own to help small business owners like you. 

My dad never wanted to outsource his bookkeeping.

And honestly, that’s how many small business owners feel.

My mission is to help you understand how to do your own bookkeeping & set your profit strategies in a way that will help your business thrive.



Ready to get your bookkeeping on track? There are three ways to get started. 

The Profit Plan Blueprint

Want to learn a specific KPI your business should be looking at?

The Profit Plan Blueprint will walk you through how to calculate your profit margin and what that means for your business.

Hand It Over

Crunch Your Numbers

Bookkeeping making your head spin?

Feel like pulling your hair out?

Want to stick your head in the sand and forget about your numbers?

This quick mini-course will have you set up to do your own bookkeeping in very little time.

I Need This Now

Course Creation Academy

(finally) end the spend time to make money cycle

Helping mompreneurs create a course in 90 days (or less!) and build a consistent passive income strategy for your business.

No more Scrambling Each Month to Make Ends Meet...

If hitting your profit goals each month & year is constantly feeling like a stretch followed by disappointment, we need to chat.

The reality is you can only trade so much of your time for money. And trading time for money is not the answer to a sustainable profitable business.

If it was every mompreneur would just continue to work harder and spend more time working and would be profitable. Which you already know is not the reality or the answer you're looking for...

This is EXACTLY why I built the Course Creation Academy, well & because creating my own course changed the trajectory of my business in ways I never even imagined.

Yes! I want this!

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